Adelita is a female loggerhead turtle who was tracked travelling 12,000 km, the entire distance of the Pacific Ocean, in search of the beach where she was born.

Like all female sea turtles, she was searching for the place where her life began to lay her own eggs. We’ll never know if she made it to that beach, contact was lost as she reached land. We do know that like other female turtles she will never see her babies.

A female turtle hauls herself to shore to lay around 100 ping-pong ball sized eggs and after thinly disguising her nest, she slips back into the ocean and is gone. From that point, the hatchlings are on their own.

We hope that Adelita made it and just her tracking device was lost but the reality is that increasing numbers of female turtles are killed on their epic journey – swept up by fishing nets, tangled up in fishing lines or drowned by plastic bags or other rubbish.

Fewer turtles are nesting and development is destroying many of the old nesting sites. The future is looking bleak for this endangered species.

So you can see why a bit of babysitting is in order. The remaining marine turtle nesting sites are extremely precious. With your support, WWF can watch over these important babies and give them every chance to make it back to the sea where hopefully they will do their job to ensure the survival of their species.