They call it a crush cage.

The bear can hardly move, the bars on the floor cripple its feet.

It is tortured again and again as its captors puncture its body daily to remove bile from its gall bladder in filthy, non-medical conditions.

The bear can live in pain and torment like this for 20 years.

Put through unspeakable suffering for the sake of Chinese traditional medicine, the bear’s bile is used to treat human ailments as minor as sprains, fevers and hemorrhoids.

Tens of thousands of bears, mostly Asiatic brown bears, are living like this across Asia.

In some countries this practice is still legal, supported by the unfounded theory that farming bears protects their wild relatives from poachers. Research proves this to be untrue showing farms regularly top up their ‘stock’ with wild bears. Many are just cubs seized from their mothers to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

It may be legal in some parts of Asia to farm bears but the international trade in bear bile is not legal. So while we push for a total ban on bear farming, we can work on intercepting illegal trade routes and ensure bear bile is never sold in Singapore.

Support us today to prevent the trafficking of bear bile and we will be a step closer to ending bear farming for good.