Lisa was living in a government-run camp when WWF found her. She’s one of the many Sumatran elephants evicted from Indonesia’s once sweeping forests to make way for plantations.

When forest shrinks, wild elephants turn to crop raiding – causing devastation to village homes and livelihoods. Retaliation can be swift and brutal. The carcasses of 7 poisoned elephants were found near the Tesso Nilo National Park in February last year. Over 120 endangered Sumatran elephants have been killed in the Riau province alone as a result of human-elephant conflict.

WWF now pays for Lisa’s board and lodge. She is healthy, well fed, free to roam nearby forest and has produced a beautiful daughter Nella. As part of a skilled team of 4 elephants and 8 mahout handlers, affectionately known as the Flying Squad, she expertly guides wild elephants away from human settlements, avoiding potential disaster on both sides.

Since Lisa’s team was set up, crop losses have fallen by over 90% and no wild elephants have been killed in her patrol area.

Already daughter Nella is waiting in the wings to be the next generation of Flying Squad recruits. Help us to expand this hugely successful project. Give hope to endangered wild elephants and a better life to those who have already lost their homes.