The last hope for the Mekong Dolphin

Only 85 Mekong dolphins remain.

Tangled in fishing nets, injured by the increase in boat traffic and poisoned by pollution, their numbers have been decimated.

And yet these beautiful dolphins have brought prosperity to Mekong communities. Eco-tourists will pay highly for a glimpse of them, adding to revenue that has improved local lifestyles and opportunities.

Dolphins and humans have interacted for generations along the Mekong. Fishermen recall how this intelligent species would cooperate to herd fish in return for their fair share of the catch.

Now the construction of a dam on the Mekong River by the Lao government threatens to destroy all hope of recovery for the Mekong dolphin. The Don Sahong Dam will not only interfere with crucial dolphin habitat but will block the only route for the migration of fish, the dolphins’ primary food source, along the Mekong River. Devastating not only for the dolphins but for the millions of people who rely on the resources this great river provides.

WWF is continuing to lobby the Lao government on behalf of the dolphins and the people of the Mekong with a sustainable alternative to the Don Sahong Dam.

In the meantime help us do everything we can to protect the precious few remaining Mekong dolphins - the last hope for their species - by gifting a Mekong Dolphin Guardian Kit today.