A $5 bottle of cooling drink commonly sold in Singapore is killing off one of the world’s most endangered species. 95% of saiga antelope have already disappeared; the male is being hunted into extinction for his horn.

WWF together with TRAFFIC, the wildlife monitoring network, found most Traditional Chinese Medicine shops in Singapore are selling saiga horn cooling drink claiming it treats fever and ‘heatiness’. And yet saiga horn has no proven medical properties. The saiga is dying in vain.

The male saiga antelope with its unusual bulbous nose is no poster-boy but its species is responsible for one of nature’s most spectacular phenomenon. Until recent years, tens of thousands of saiga crossed the steppes of Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia in a magnificent migration.

Help us ensure the sad story of the saiga is told. We need your support so we can stop the supply of saiga horn and enlighten Singaporeans about the tragic truth behind a common cooling drink.