Save a Whale Shark now
"Imagine a fish the size of a bus.
I’m not scared just breathless with wonder."

Meet the Shark with No Bite

An encounter with a whale shark is nothing short of magical. In fact, it is so intoxicating that a whole tourism industry has grown around the experience and sadly this is taking its toll on the world’s biggest fish.

Picture this – hundreds of whale shark gathering together to feast on plankton blooms, each one weighing in at over 20 tonnes and measuring up to 14 metres. It’s one of the world’s most incredible natural phenomenons and Southeast Asia gets to play host to it every year.

But the surge in unregulated tour boats competing for a piece of whale shark action is threatening to scare this gentle giant away from migratory routes it has used for centuries. A devastating blow for a species already classified as vulnerable to extinction.

At WWF, we have found an answer that will save the whale shark – sustainable tourism. It not only protects the shark but raises revenue for research and provides much needed income for the local community.

WWF is already pioneering one successful whale shark project but we urgently need to kick start more before whale sharks disappear for good. We need your help!

Just $38 per month will help save a whale shark, and who knows maybe one day your reward will be to experience that whale shark magic for yourself.

Save a Whale Shark now