Species populations worldwide have declined by 52% since 1970, and some critical species are nearing extinction. Make a lasting impact with a recurring gift to keep these species safe in their home.

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Save a tiger

$ 20

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With only 3,890 left in the wild, we are racing against time to protect this magificient species.

By adopting “Raja” the tiger, you will be giving him a fighting chance to survive in the wild. Your donation will help to protect their vital habitat and step up our anti poaching efforts byproviding our rangers with more support to monitor the tiger population.

Raja represents all the endangered tigers we help.

All our tiger adopters 'adopt' Raja so that we can share her ongoing story with you. We hope that by following Raja's progress, you can experience the challenges and successes involved in conserving this most charismatic of big cats. 

Adopting Raja makes the perfect gift - with a cuddly toy tiger and special adoption gift pack including adoption certificate and stunning tiger portrait.

You can choose for this gift pack to be sent directly to the recipient or you can receive it to give to them yourself.

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