wildlife crime

The surging demand for animal parts is threatening to wipe out entire species. Together with local governments and wildlife rangers, help us stop the suffering with gifts to crack down wildlife crime.


Save The Hippos Project

$ 20

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Did you know hundreds of hippos are shot each year for their meat and ivory in their canine teeth? Their decreasing population puts them at risk of becoming endangered.

We need your support. Make a donation today and help #SaveTheHippos. Your donations are crucial in wildlife conservation and will help WWF’s work in protecting vulnerable and endangered species.

This project is in collaboration with Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay Singapore whose mission towards wildlife conservation is represented by Hippy, Happy and Hoppy, their three funky, fun-loving hippopotamus mascots, which can be spotted around the hotel. Through this initiative, the hotel takes its stand for responsible hospitality, with an aim to remind those in the service industry that we must not only serve people but other species as well. Join us to help raise awareness about the plight of vulnerable and endangered species of the world.

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