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The surging demand for animal parts is threatening to wipe out entire species. Together with local governments and wildlife rangers, help us stop the suffering with gifts to crack down wildlife crime.


© WWF-Indonesia / Saipul Siagian Bear bile trade monitoring

Bear bile trade monitoring

$ 60

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Bear gall bladder and bile are used in traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) to treat many ailments including convulsions, fever, and haemorrhoids. But this has little basis and causes endless suffering for bears. Give this gift to bears and help ensure TCM outlets do not sell these items in our city.

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WWF works with TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network for the continued survival of bears in the wild, and for the bears’ existence to no longer be threatened by trade. The funds generated from the Bear Bile Monitoring Gift (worth $60) will be pooled together.  Donors can expect that WWF and TRAFFIC will ensure that the legal and policy mechanisms that underpin bear protection are in place. Investigations and monitoring of TCM outlets and online trade sites will be carried out and reported to authorities. Awareness materials will be produced and distributed to allow consumers to not only make better informed choices, but also enable the public to become involved in supporting bear conservation efforts. We believe that when the buying stops, the killing will too but without the necessary information to consumers, the buying pace won’t diminish fast enough. Together, we can stop the suffering of bears. 

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